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POWERNET: Special Fabric

All of our products are manufactured in “Powernet”, the already famous stretchable fabric that has been used in Latin America for many years due to its elastic and compressive properties, and that is comfortable and pleasant to wear at the same time.

Literally “powerful net”, externally the Powernet is a fabric obtained from the mix of polyamide yarns (67%) and elastomer (20%); internally it is lined with a soft cotton gauze veil (3%) that transmits a warm and pleasant sensation patients love.

The main properties are:

Compressive and slimming stretchability; compression takes place in all four directions to guarantee the pressure in any position adopted by the patient.

Resistance: the Powernet girdles never lose their original shape, not even after several washes; they have been studied and designed to be worn 24 hours, 7 days a week, and therefore, to endure frequent washing.

Highly breathable and absolutely hypoallergenic; it does not alter the natural evaporation process of perspiration: it helps maintain the feeling of fresh and dry skin and minimizes the risk of irritation that leads to itching and redness of the skin (problem frequently encountered in girdles made of traditional fabric).

The soft cotton hemming on the edges of the girdle prevents the patient from getting in contact with the outer fabric, and by doing so it provides high comfort and avoids itching.