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Why should I wear a post-surgical body?

The postsurgical body is an elastic compression girdle used to reshape the body after a liposculpture or a liposuction. It allows the skin to remain in contact with the muscle and get the desired silhouette.

Does it cause any allergy problems?

No, in fact, when the elastic girdle gets in contact with the body provides an immediate sense of comfort. It does not irritate the skin thanks to the super smooth and soft internal fabric.

What are the anti-cellulite shorts?

The anti-cellulite shorts are a special elastic girdle with silicone on the inside. With the normal movement of the legs, the silicone exerts a continuous massage that causes a 20% reduction of the cellulite localized on the thighs.

Why should I wear a post-surgical bra?

The post-surgical bra keeps the breasts up, separated and preserves the form that the surgeon wanted to impress them. The innovative front closure with hooks allows you to regulate the tension and therefore, decreases the pain after a mammoplasty. It also helps to maximize rest during the hours of sleep.

How long should I wear a post-surgical girdle?

We can say that the optimal results of a surgery are reached three months after the procedure. Therefore, we can ensure that during this period, it is absolutely necessary to wear the girdle at all times.

What is a buttock-lifting body?

The buttock-lifting body is a girdle specially designed to uphold the buttocks. It is worn under skirts and pants and is virtually invisible. It provides an enviable look and silhouette.